Get started instantly

With no registration and setup access the DeFi and start trading, lending and borrowing instantly.

Fully Decentralized

Start your trades from your device on WYZ without having any central authority to take control.

Next-Gen DeFi

With WYZ transactions are almost instant and cost less than even a penny and unlock a new way of decentralized trading.

Instant exchange with WYswap

The first decentralized exchange protocol for automated liquidity provision on WYZ. Instant exchange between BTC,ETH,USDT,LTC,TRX & DOGE with Unstoppable liquidity for thousands of traders and hundreds of applications.

  • Instant execution, without waiting for order match in the queue.
  • Empower any users to participate in an open financial marketplace.
  • Permanent trading fee paid to you with zero commission from the protocol.
  • 30 wrapped tokens & coins including BTC, ETH and TRX
  • Fully decentralized trading
  • No slippage
  • Trade without leaving your wallet

DeFi system WY stable

WYstable is a decentralized finance system of USD namely Wdai stablecoin for everyone,anywhere,anytime based on WRC-20. WDAI holders are backed by fully algorithm based decentralised system and obtain WDAI from WYZ. WY stable is available for everyone to get WDAI stable token for more use cases.

Lend with WY lend

WYZ Official Lending Platform With
BTC,ETH,USTD,LTC,TRX & DOGE on WY chain. Here, users can borrow, lend, deposit assets and earn interests. Orders are automatically match supply and borrow requirements, and generate attractive returns on supplies.

Supply and withdrawal are allowed anytime. Tightly integrate with TRON based WYZ DeFi applications and promise immediate, generous returns.

  • Put your WYZ and USDT to work for you
  • Trade with borrowed synthetics

What’s the Process?

On WY chain, you can access DeFi and trade directly.

Deposit WYZ
to your wallet


Mint WDAI with
your WYZ.


Use WDAI to trade,
lend and borrow