Blockchain benefits for enterprises

Blockchain let institutions and enterprises to optimise the processes, solve business problems, and create new opportunities.
WYZ offers reliable and secure blockchain network solutions for both private and public networks.

Trust and transparency

Blockchain create trust by helping everyone with access to reliable, unchangeable information. Data is shared across every party, making it more consistent and accurate.

The decentralization ensures that no one single entity can create or change data because to update the ledger, the network needs to reach consensus first.

The transparency of blockchains has benefits in supply chain managements, visibility and traceability. Blockchain is already making it easier and more affordable to extend supply chain transparency to the smallest suppliers,


Blockchains come with several security benefits:

1. Data is sensitive and crucial, and blockchain can significantly change how your critical information is viewed.

2. All network participants with permissioned access see the same information at the same time, providing full transparency.

3. Transactions can be completed faster and more efficiently. Documentation can be stored on the blockchain along with transaction details.


Blockchains build trust without the need for trusted third-parties. This helps to streamline operations and saves time and money.

Manual labor can be automated and tasks become programmable using smart contracts

New opportunities

Businesses can offer new value propositions to customers that can attract new consumers and opens additional revenue streams.

Advantages of WYZ

WYZ provide blockchain solutions that are alterable to your needs and serve as a reliable infrastructure to unlock real-world business value. WYZ is designed to power your enterprise blockchain.

    • By creating a record that can’t be altered and is encrypted end-to-end, WYZ helps prevent fraud and unauthorized activities. Privacy issues can also be addressed on blockchain by anonymating personal data and using permissions to prevent access.

    • Early paper-heavy processes were time-consuming, prone to human error, and often requires third-party mediation. By streamlining these processes with blockchain, transactions can be completed faster and more efficiently.

      Documentation can be stored on the blockchain along with transaction details, eliminating the need to exchange paper.

    • WYZ works with both permissionless blockchains and is versatile to different use cases.

      Want to set up a private blockchain to optimize business processes with your partners? No problem.

      Even If you decide to build a public blockchain later, WYZ can scale with your needs, still providing the same high throughput and fast finality.

    • Transactions can be automated with “smart contracts”, which increase your efficiency and speed of the process even more. Once early conditions are met, the next step in transaction or process is automatically triggered. Smart contracts reduce human intervention as well as reliance on third parties to verify that terms of a contract have been met.

    • WYZ is collaborating with the acclaimed professors, lecturers, postdoctoral researchers, PhDs, and Honours students.

      By which utilization of state-of-the-art technology in our products can be used more to enhance the services.

    • We work simultaneously with our partners, providing services at every step, from ideation, development to expansion and maintenance.

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